Adaptable biosensors for deployment into multiple markets



Our sensors utilize single stranded DNA bio-receptors, called aptamers. AuramerBio has over a decade of experience in developing aptamers to a range of target types. Unlike other sensor technologies, aptamers can be rapidly designed and produced synthetically, minimising variation and allowing more control and customisation of sensor characteristics.


Portable testing Platforms

AuramerBio works with several biosensor platforms suitable for point-of-care diagnostics or field testing. These include electrochemical, lateral flow, and microfluidic systems. Our portable testing platforms are compatible with many different sample types, and can provide quantitative or qualitative results.


laboratory testing assays

AuramerBio has a range of laboratory-based tests that incorporate aptamers, including ELONAs (aptamer equivalent of ELISAs), gold nanoparticle assays, and fluorescence assays.