Cost effective, rapid in-field drug detection

Our technology will allow rapid, quantitative measurement (<3 min) of up to 8 drugs in a single test. We can customize drug panels to different applications, and can develop tests for new drugs in less than 3 months.

Applications include law enforcement and roadside testing, workplace testing, and emergency room triage.

Our drug detection device is currently in development. If you are interested in having your workplace participate in field trials of the device, or just want to know more about our tech, please contact us.


Real-time personalized fertility monitoring

Our fertility testing device will allow women to take control of their family planning by tracking their hormonal cycle. Four important hormones for the menstrual cycle and ovulation will be measured daily and plugged into the app to tell women when they are at their most fertile.

Women can use this device to help them conceive, or as a contraception aide.

Our fertility testing device is currently in development. If you have any questions about our tech, please contact us.